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We are a group of diverse and talented individuals who share a common interest in the life and activities of pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy. This includes a house in Marcus Hook, PA built in the early 1700's which, according to legend has become known as Blackbeard's Mistress's house. Legend has it that Margaret  was one of Blackbeard's (favorite) mistresses.

It is fact that Blackbeard visited Marcus Hook and Philadelphia, there is some indication that he may have been from Philadelphia. The Plank House may have been the residence of Margaret and visited by Blackbeard but to date actual documentation is lacking. It is not known for sure whether the Plank House was ever actually visited by the notorious pirate. Nonetheless, the colorful legend alone is enough to warrant the formation of a crew that will bear the responibility of carrying forth both the facts and the legends that surround the old house, the pirates , and the little town on the Delaware River. For more information on the Plank House

Be sure to visit the Marcus Hook Preservation Society website at www.marcushookps.org


Please Contact the Crew for events information and enlistment:

Capn Mike at 610-587-7409  Email: redpeper@snip.net

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